Be a Giving Gecko and Donate to the Gecko Fund

What is the Gecko Fund and Why Should I Donate?

The Gecko Fund is the Gullett PTA’s largest and most comprehensive no frills fundraiser that contributes approximately 50% of the PTA’s budget each year.  Your donation allows the PTA to enrich our children’s education; to enhance our campus to make it a unique and fun environment to learn; and to ensure are teachers are equipped with the resources to provide the best possible education for our children.

How Can I Help?

Please consider donating at one of the following levels this year:

GIVING GECKO: $100 per student

GENEROUS GECKO: $101-$150 per student

GUARDIAN GECKO: $150+ per student

What is the Gecko Fund’s Fundraising Goals?

Our goal for the 2018-19 school year is to raise $37,000 with 100% participation from every Gullet family. Every dollar counts, please donate what your budget allows for. Our kids and teachers thank you.