Gullett is now on LivingTree! It is the place for school-wide and PTA communications, calendars, directory, and profile updates.  Log in and join the conversation.

First things first – check out the Parent Quick Start Guide and download the Mobile Apps for LivingTree on the go!

The school is not able to change your access or add contacts. Please review the information below if you are having any troubles.

Living Tree Contacts

LivingTree Hints and Tips

  1. Need to consolidate accounts (child or adult)? Contact
  2. Having trouble connecting family members? Contact
  3. Need to remove your child or family from LivingTree? Contact
  4. Don’t like your notification settings? Edit your profile & preferences (see how-to video) — Consider selecting the Daily Summary to get one e-mail at the end of the day with all of your posts!
  5. Not getting notified of posts, even if your preferences are set? Check with your teacher/ group leader that they are turning notifications on when they post.
  6. Want to find a post? Use the pinning & filtering features (see how-to guide).
  7. Want to use all the LivingTree features, but are usually on your phone instead of a computer? Log onto LivingTree via the internet browser on your phone, instead of the app.
  8. Need to remove your child or yourself from a group? On the computer, in LivingTree, go to My Network (top menu), then:
    •  Child — Under the child’s name, find the name of the group and click on the gray X.
    • Adult — Click on the group in the left navigation. Click on ♁Members; find your name and click on the arrow in the top right corner of your box; click delete.