School Supplies / Enrichment Fees

School Supplies

Each grade level receives a list of specific school supplies recommended by Gullett teachers. This list is made available to students at the end of the previous school year, usually in early May. To make shopping for supplies easy, the Gullett PTA sets up an account that enables parents to order their child’s school supplies online and have them delivered to the right classroom when school starts in August. (Parents can visit to order the grade-level appropriate kits. The Gullett account number is 13603.) Parents must order the supplies before school is dismissed for the summer.

The supply lists are also available at local stores in August or at the following link for those who choose not to order or miss the deadline.

Gullett 2017-2018 School Supply List

Every Gullett student needs a sturdy backpack with his/her name written on the inside. (For child safety reasons, do not put your child’s first name on the outside of the backpack.) Students may also want to have a lunch bag, if they will be bringing their lunch from home.

Enrichment Fees

Enrichment fees pay for field trips and subscriptions for the entire school year. The school (and specifically teachers) collects these fees at Back-to-School night. If parents don’t pay, Gullett has to make up the difference. The amount varies by grade level with fifth graders paying the most due to their overnight Outdoor School field trip.