The Gullett School Day

Gullett students have busy, enriching days.  Read on to learn about all the different parts of a Gullet Gecko day.

Academic Instruction

Depending on grade level, Gullett students receive academic instruction from one or more teachers each day. Kindergarten students are with one teacher for the whole day and all subjects. In grades 1-5, teachers specialize in different academic subjects and teach those subjects to two or more classes of children each day.

Essential Areas

Gullett students rotate between Art, Music and Physical Education (PE) at the same time each day. Student should wear closed-toe shoes every day, but especially on PE day.

Students also benefit from a weekly computer lab lessons and library visits, and bi-weekly classroom visits from the school counselor.


Gullett students may bring a lunch from home or purchase lunch in the school cafeteria. The AISD monthly menu for the cafeteria is available here.  Hard copies are also available outside of the office.

The easiest way to pay for lunch is to fund a lunch account at  Parents may put any amount they wish into the account, and they will be notified when the account is running low. Students buy their lunch with account money by punching in their own 4-digit code. (There is help with this for our youngest students.) Parents may also send money with their children on the day they will buy lunch. Cash sent to school should be put it in sealed envelope with the child’s name, teacher, grade, amount and labeled “lunch money”. No checks.

Gullett welcomes and encourages parents/grandparents/relatives to come and have lunch with their child(ren) after the first week of school (later for Kinder and Pre-Kinder students). Parents may either eat in the cafeteria with their child or take their child outside to eat at the picnic tables. They may buy lunch from Gullett or bring a special lunch for themselves and their child.

WOW (Working Out for Wellness)

WOW is a Physical Education Department requirement for Texas public schools. There are two types of W.O.W. activities. The first type integrates active movement with math, science and social studies. The other type is the more traditional physical education games that strongly reinforce student fitness, skill development and social skills. During W.O.W. students should be continuously active for 15-20 minutes to improve aerobic capacity, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility.

Marathon Kids

The Gullett staff, and particularly the PE teacher, encourage our students to walk around the track every day. In fact, Gullett students walk enough laps to finish a marathon! The PE teacher signs up every child in our school for Marathon Kids, the Austin program that challenges kids to walk/run 26.2 miles in four months.