The Gullett PTA has three large fundraising efforts – the Gecko Fund, Gullett Fest, and the Gecko Gala Silent Auction – scheduled throughout the year. These provide the monies for numerous school events and activities that make Gullett unique and augment our children’s education. Gullett relies on these funds to enrich the education of our children. These extra funds are necessary because the Gullett community falls in the middle tier income level: The school doesn’t qualify for extra government funding, yet our community isn’t able to give thousands of dollars at our fundraisers. With the money raised, the PTA funds the gardens and landscaping, the animals, teacher enrichment and gives teachers a small budget to enhance their class lessons. The PTA budget and Gecko fundraisers are discussed at the first full PTA meeting at Back-to-School night. The PTA budget is posted on the website.

Gecko Fund

The Gecko Fund is Gullett’s largest and most comprehensive fundraiser. The budget given to the school by the district is based on meeting the minimal needs of our students. The funds raised by the Gecko Fund support the majority of the PTA programs which make Gullett the wonderful, unique community it is. This large fundraising effort eliminates the PTA from asking students to sell products, such as gift wrap, to raise money.

The suggested donation is $100 per student ONE TIME each year. However, PTA encourages families to pay what their budget allows. Every little bit helps and all donations are 100 percent tax-deductible.

Gullett Fest

Gullett Fest is a fun fall event that features games, treats and bands. Each grade level runs a couple of booths, which – in the past – have included climbing walls, exotic petting zoos, box mazes, putt-putt golf, pony rides, the fishing pond and of course, the cake walk. Parents are asked to sign up to help with their child’s grade-level booth. Watch in the fall for the exact date and time, and get ready for a fun day for the whole family.

Gecko Gala Silent Auction

The Gecko Gala Silent Auction is another major Gullett fundraiser, usually held in the spring. Parents enjoy food, music and shopping.  Auction items often include summer camps and lessons, social events hosted by Gullett families, gift cards, home decorations, restaurant certificates, and/or special “dates” with teachers.