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Be a Giving Gecko! – Gecko Fund

Q. What is the Gecko Fund?

The Gecko Fund is the Gullett PTA’s largest and most comprehensive fundraiser. It is composed of donations made by Gullett families and covers 50% of the PTA’s budget each year. In order to meet our 2017-2018 goal of $35,000, we recommend a donation of $100 per student.

We have established the following levels of giving:

Giving Gecko – $100 per student

Generous Gecko – $101-$150 per student

Guardian Gecko – $150+ per student

Guardians will be recognized at VIVA Gullett!

Q. Why are additional funds needed?

The operating budget given to the school by AISD are based on meeting the minimal needs of our students and to ensure that we have the same basic resources as other schools in the district. Your donation allows the PTA to fund the special programs that make Gullett the unique, welcoming, and enriching community it is.

Q. Where does the Gecko Fund money go?

Student Support
  • Funding for the full-time Technology Specialist position, which is currently filled by Gullett’s very own Anne Jarriel
  • Technology upgrades to provide state of the art programming and curricula including ongoing support for Gullett’s new STEAM lab
  • Curriculum needs including support for the Creative Learning Initiative and new DRUM FIT kits
Teacher Support
  • Professional development to help teachers gain advanced skills
  • Teacher stipend to cover needed classroom supplies
  • Designated substitutes so teachers can do 1:1 reading assessments with each child
  • Staff appreciation events to support and recognize our teachers.
Community Building and Campus Improvements
  • Animal Care programs to provide for all the creatures that call Gullett home
  • Campus improvements including new cabinets, sidewalks, gardens, shade awnings, and outdoor classrooms
  • Green programs to help Gullett become a zero-waste school
Donate online by clicking the button above or visit the office for a commitment card.


Donate by September 30 and you will receive a Gullett Bumper Sticker!
And remember, your donation is 100% tax deductible!
Please help support our unique school today!