VIVA Gullett FAQ

Where is the event located?

VIVA Gullett will take place at La Mancha Tex-Mex Tavern at 2203 Hancock Dr, Austin, TX 78756.

Will there be parking?

We highly encourage ridesharing due to the limited number of parking spots available. Parking is available in the La Mancha parking lot, across the street at the library and in the neighborhood.

How does the money raised support Gullett?

The money raised through VIVA Gullett represents almost 30% of the annual PTA budget and is the 2nd largest fundraiser after the Gecko Fund. It helps fund many unique learning opportunities he that make Gullett special.  Animal care, the school gardens, sustainability projects and philanthropy are a few of the programs supported by your donations as well as funding our Technology Specialist position and  academic programs impacted by budget cuts throughout the district.
Donate to the Auction

I bought tickets online. Where do I pick up my tickets?

When you arrive at the event, go to the check-in table where you will be checked off a list of ticket holders and receive your bidder number to use for live and silent auction bidding, buy-in parties and teacher treats.

Don’t have tickets yet?

Buy tickets here or become a sponsor.

Can I buy at ticket at the event?

If tickets are not sold out, they will be available for purchase at the door .

What’s the dress code for the party?

Dress casual, Gullett-style!  Or, if you are feeling more festive and want to bust out your favorite embroidered dress or guayabera, feel free!

What will we do at the party?

We will have Gullett’s own, Mr. Joey, DJ’ing the event.  Come ready to party and dance your heart out.


  • Tasty fajita bar by La Mancha
  • Strike a pose with friends for a photo pic
  • Wine Walk (think cake walk for adults)
  • Bid on Teacher Treats and one of a kind class artwork
  • Take a chance on Mystery Boxes and Heads or Tails
  • Bid in the exciting silent and live auctions!

How do I bid on auction items?

We will be using mobile bidding for the silent auction items.

Can I bid on auction items if I am not there?

No, you need to be present at the VIVA Gullett event to bid – another great reason to buy your tickets now! If you have bought a ticket, you may bid on items from home on the event night.

What is a Buy-In Party?

Buy-in parties have become one of the most popular items to bid on at the spring fundraiser. Here’s how it works… A Gullett family (or two or three, or several moms, or dads) agrees to host a social after the 2017 event, but before Spring Break 2018. Guests bid on a spot or a “ticket” at the event, but the host(s) absorbs the cost of throwing the event, so all money raised goes to the PTA. Most parties have specific themes, and the price is set – so if you bid on an available “ticket”, you get to go, unless they’ve already reached the guest limit. So get creative and see what kind of buy-in party you can host!
Host a Party

What are Teacher Treats?

Teacher Treats are great gifts our amazing Gullett teachers contribute to the event. The teacher decides what they want to donate, and how many kids can be included in their treat. Parents bid on these special treats as a fun reward for their kiddos.

Are my VIVA Gullett purchases tax deductible?

Yes!  Most of your VIVA purchases are tax deductible to some extent.  The following are the fair value amounts that can be used to determine how much of your purchase is tax deductible:
The difference between what you paid for your ticket(s) (which can vary depending on the date of purchase and type of ticket) and the fair market value of $18/ticket is tax deductible.  You will need to save your receipt for your purchases.
For auction purchases (including live auction, adult/kid buy-in parties and teacher treats), the fair value of the item will vary based on the value of the item purchased. Please refer to the invoice you received and save that receipt for tax purposes.